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A little bit about me! I have been a professional photographer for just over 8 years. I have always had an obsession with photography which comes from my dad. He would follow my sister, brother & me around capturing those precious family moments. For me, childhood memories are synonymous with old photographs in which the world always looks a little more orange than it does now!

While living in New York about 20 years ago I completed my first photo course at the International Centre of Photography. Developing photos in the darkroom was just amazing, wish I had the time to do more of that now... I have done a few other courses since. But it was not until I did a 3 year photography course I finally made the step to working as a photographer and building up a business.

For my family sessions I use documentary style photography, I love to catch the little moments that tell you a story and will give you in years to come so many special memories. My portraits are a mix of styles, it depends on what you are looking for. Making a photo for LinkedIn for example is completely different to a personal portrait for at home. 

I live in Hilversum with my husband Paul & three children, Flynn, Rufus & Olive... I should say four, as we have a very energetic dog called Monty... one day I will have to write a book about him!

Thanks so much for visiting my website and please contact me if you have any questions!

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